Minggu, 23 Maret 2014

Slim not guarantee, Sports Crucial to Prevent Breast Cancer

Jakarta, one in eight women at risk of developing breast cancer, according to Ylva Trolle said Profesoe Lagerros. A slender but not a sufficient guarantee for mengeyahkan cancer. According to experts it is crucial sport, regardless of body weight. Researchers from Sweden to do research on more than 19,000 women with an average age of 56 years. Scientists are conducting an investigation to obtain data about participants' health and habits, including exercise habits. Thirteen years later, the health of the participants were re-examined. It was about 900 participants had been diagnosed with breast cancer. From the analysis concluded that their disease, so clearly, relate to the amount of physical activity undertaken. Women who exercise at least 40% more likely to develop breast cancer than women who are most active in sports. More importantly, the results showed that exercise should be done no matter slim or fat body. Therefore slender woman should not be complacent or smug. Because the risk of breast cancer is not only related to the weight or obesity, but also the conditions and activities of the body. "You can reduce the risk of breast cancer in physically active, even if you are normal weight," said Trolle Lagerros obesity specialist at the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, as quoted by the Daily Mail, Sunday (03/23/2014). According Lagerros Trolle, sports he meant not just fitness course. Everyday activities such as carrying a basket of groceries into the house, play with the kids, or gardening, is also counted as a sport. The message, never too late to begin an active life. However, body weight is an important factor. Obesity shown to increase the risk of breast cancer remained even active women exercising. Groups most vulnerable to breast cancer are those who are not obese at the same time actively exercising. The risk was two times higher than women who are active at the same slim.

Sabtu, 18 Januari 2014

Men are Like Drinking Alcohol Ready- Faster ready senile

Jakarta - Prompts to reduce consumption Alcohol is not without reason. In addition to eliminating awareness and common sense, recently a study found excessive drinking can erase the memory of a person over fast. However, the negative impact is most clearly seen in men. The team of researchers from University College London themselves have confirmed these findings through observations on 5,054 men drinking habits aged 44-69 years. Each participant was also asked to follow four types of tests that can be measured cognitive ability. Some of the tests are intended to assess short-term memory following participants their ability to solve problems. As quoted by ABC News, Saturday (01/18/2014), it follows that men who drank at least 36 grams alcohol or more (about 2.5 bottles of beer content of 13 ounces) experienced cognitive decline over rapidly, as experienced by men whose ages 1.5 to 5.7 years old. Dr. Alan Lerner, Director of Brain Health and Memory Center, University Hospitals Case Medical Center, Cleveland also agreed with this finding. "Getting older , a person's cognitive functioning will decline, but alcohol can speed up this process, "he said. Another expert, Dr. Michael Charness from Harvard Medical School adds that in addition to decline in cognitive function, alcohol intake Excessive can also aggravate health cardiovascular. In fact according to him, there are few studies that studies find a person's brain function will be recovered back once he decides to quit drinking. "In the first six to eight weeks (after stop), will reverse brain shrinkage. This meaning that some of the effects of alcohol on the brain is still could be improved, "said Dr. Charness.

Jumat, 17 Januari 2014

Study: Apply High Protein Diet, Diabetics Can Control Blood Sugar

Jakarta - diabetics or people with diabetes which also are obese often difficult to lose weight. Do not worry, a recent study revealed that the pattern particular meal, which is a diet high in protein, can a positive effect on health diabetes. Studies conducted by one Student Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Adelaide, Eva Pedersen, comparing the effects of diet high protein and dietary standards. Pedersen conduct this study within a year and involving 45 type 2 diabetics. Reported by Max Health News, Friday (01/17/2014), the results The study showed that the decline weight loss achieved by both diet produce different effects for the participants. "Diets high in protein are commonly used in our communities, but concerns arise when raised about the potential of poor This diet on kidney function of diabetics, who already disturbed because of their own conditions, "said Peter Clifton, a professor at the University of Adelaide School of Medicine, and is a Pedersen supervisor. In the first six months of the study, both diets indeed found to help lose weight bodies of the participants. Their weight implement a high-protein diet decreased by approximately 9 percent, while those who go on a diet standards fell about 6 percent. "Not seen any problems caused by high-protein diet, weight loss participants it showed improved health their kidneys as well. In addition, high-protein diet is also improve heart health in whole and helps control blood sugar their blood, "said Clifton. The study has been published online in the journal Nutrition, Metabolism & Cardiovascular Diseases and The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.